Dragonvale World Andriod Game

Dragonvale (www.dragonvalefreegems.com) is a dragon mating game developed by Back-Flip Companies, which will be available for iOS and Android platforms that are cell. The game does warn you beforehand that "you might find yourself hopelessly dependent on hatching and caring for dragons that are adorable." It's explained as an "enticing social experience" that guarantees tons of dragons you'll be able to raise, an island you'll be able to assemble in an authentic Renaissance audio soundtrack , custom habitats, dragon races that are different, and the heavens, among other other activities. When it comes to mechanisms, there isn't much to separate this game from the dragon breeder that is typical, however there are a few turns, especially the usage of cutesy graphics that you don't see too often in such titles.

Stone, as you probably understand by now, will be the game agio currency, and you can definitely accelerate up certain things in the game, in the event that a gem is used by you. But the last thing that you need will be to invest your hard-won money on stone you purchased in a cell game. So keeping that in mind, our list of Dragonvale secrets and hints are geared towards assisting you to get some gems for free.

1. Redeem Also Have Buddies Use Yours And A Buddy Code

Your account is limited to a per account, with which you get 25 jewels which may be used to buy any one of several fascinating things. Simply tap on the Social button, then tap on Redeem Code - when you do, and you'll be prompted to enter a social code that is valid, it is possible to receive your jewels in the Presents tablature.

Your buddy signal can only be utilized once on your accounts, but fortunately, your code can be given by you to an unlimited number of users. That must also earn some free stone when your friends begin using a friend code that comes from you to you.

2. Give Presents

Presenting is yet another really simple method to get some free ems for Dragonvale. You can only just deliver your friends three stone per day, and they may " pay it forwards" and send them your way yet again. This really is where buddies you know individually can be helpful. You always have the option to ask a real friend if he/she plays Dragonvale, and if they do, it is possible to deliver buddy requirements straight back and out to every you get more jewels, and so does your friend, and neither of you has to pay a dime.

3. Earn Jewels At The Colosseum

Having one of your dragons combat in the Colosseum could possibly be your solution to your windfall of awards, including experience points, coins, and even gems. Medals may earn you two stone, while gold medals are good for five gems. Continue planning to fight and you'll possess a solid chance of making more gems faster.

4. Visit The Tree

The Treasure Sapling is self explanatory - thanks for this tree, it is possible to gift three more jewels per day. The shrub, On the other hand, does cost in a fairly cent in-game currency - it's worth 100 gems.

5. Keep In Mind That You Can Type Two Gem Dragons Month

Last, although perhaps not the least, Gemstone Dragons offer you gems, instead of the most common dragons who reward you. So do retain this restriction in mind, it is possible to only breed a maximum of two Gemstone Dragon kinds, nevertheless.